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Joomla 4.3.4 Bug Fix Release

The Joomla! Project is pleased to announce the bug fix release of Joomla 4.3.4 

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Joomla is 18! and Extended Security Support for Joomla 3

Today Joomla is 18 years old. It is also 2 years since the release of Joomla! 4, and the end of official support from the Joomla Volunteer Community for Joomla! 3

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Open Letter on the Significance of Free and Open Source Software in the EU’s Proposed Cyber Resilience Act

The letter, jointly written by representatives from Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, and WordPress communities, addresses EU legislators regarding the possible impacts of the upcoming Cyber Resilience Act on Open Source Content Management Systems.


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Mark Your Calendars for 26th August 2023. Joomla’s next PBF!

It’s time to mark your calendars for one of the most exciting Joomla events of the year. Get ready for the return of the Pizza, Bugs & Fun (PBF) event, scheduled for 26th August 2023.

An event for Joomla enthusiasts to merge passion, knowledge and of course a slice of your favourite pizza!

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Joomla 4.3.3 and 3.10.12 Bug Fix Release

The Joomla! Project is pleased to announce the release of Joomla 4.3.3 and 3.10.12 This is a bug fix release for the 4.x and 3.x series of Joomla.

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